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With our firm’s history dating back to the first half of the 20th century, we have many years of experience in working for innovative companies in all areas of industry and commerce. Our know-how, expertise and global network of associated attorneys ensure efficient service and proficient representation of our clients before authorities and courts in Germany, Europe and worldwide.


Since Martin Guhl filed his patent application DE 493 336 relating to a pencil-sharpener almost 100 years ago, the impact of intellectual property rights increased continuously. In 2007, 60.992 patent applications and 18.083 applications for utility models have been filed with the German patent- and rademark office, not including European patents having effect in Germany as well.A granted patent gives its owner the exclusive right for producing, using and selling the subject matter claimed for 20 years. But the benefit of intellectual property rights is much higher and includes an advertising effect as well as a competitive advantage. However, ist is not easy to get optimum protection for an invention, a trademark or a design. Wir know what is technically and legally feasible and we are able to provide advice in the fields of inventions, innovations, trademarks, designs and know-how.